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Oct 2 2007

Ken Burns' Baseball – Worth the Time

by Chris S

In the excitement about the release of Ken Burns’ The War on PBS last week, don’t forget about one of Burns’ other popular projects which the library owns on DVD.

Ken Burns’ epic history of baseball, which DCPL recently acquired on DVD, is long.  Consisting of nine episodes, each roughly two hours long, Baseball delves into America’s Pastime in as much detail as one might expect from a college course.  The beauty of this series, though – the reason why it still stands up fourteen years after its release – is that you don’t mind the length.  Baseball is Ken Burns storytelling at its finest, using old photographs, films, and many of today’s finest film and stage actors to weave a spellbinding tale of romance and friendship, prejudice and disgrace, defeat and victory.

From the fascinating biographical portraits of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, Satchel Paige, and Jackie Robinson, to the play-by-play of bygone world series that brings you to the edge of your seat, to the exploration of baseball’s social implications surrounding racial segregation, Baseball offers a very entertaining and complete history that leaves you wanting more, even after all that time you’ve spent watching it!

Click here to get the first episode of Ken Burns’ Baseball.

The library also owns many other Burns projects on DVD.  Here’s a small sample:

The Civil War

Mark Twain


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