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Oct 22 2007

Even Librarians Use the Library

by Jesse

Every year my best friends and I host a Halloween Party. This year, I’m hosting it at my new house. I really wanted to come up with some super scary and super creative snack and decoration ideas. So naturally, I used the best resource at my fingertips…the library!

I browsed through this month’s periodicals for some ideas. “Everyday with Rachel Ray” gave me a great recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli (“Pumpkin Ravioli”) but “Good Housekeeping” proved to be the most helpful. First, it gave me a killer idea for decorating my entryway. Take fallen and dead slim branches and twigs from around the yard, and stand them up in pumpkins (use the pumpkins almost like a planter) then perch some ravens in the branches(“Halloween Magic”). CREEPY!

But the best idea for cheap and easy decorating was on page 175. “Good Housekeeping” suggested photocopying somber 19th century portraits from history books and mounting them on black card stock. Place the portraits on a mantle or a shelf and add to the creepiness with candlelight and fake cobwebs (“Halloween Magic” p175). I decided that Civil War history books would be my best source for sufficiently severe and frightening portraits from the beyond. So I headed over to the 970s and pulled a bunch of Civil War books off the shelf, marked the portraits I found to be the most unsettling with scraps of paper and then photocopied them (for 15 cents a page) right there at the library.

I took the copies home, cut them out and mounted them on some black poster board I had laying around. I put my own spin on the idea by hanging them up with black ribbon in a sort of horrifying collage on the wall in my hallway. I finished it off by putting an old candelabra, some tea lights and some cobwebs on my console table underneath. It looks GREAT! And the best part? It was virtually free!

Find more great Halloween ideas @ your library or try these great websites:




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