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Oct 29 2007

Book Review: American Green: The Quest for the Perfect Lawn.

by Curtis B

American_greenWhen I saw the title, American Green: The Quest for the Perfect Lawn I was immediately intrigued. I have
always been fascinated in lawns and yards. I have taken particular interest in the subject lately, as I have been in the process of buying a new home while selling an old one.  In American Green, author Ted Steinberg details the history of lawn and lawn care, and describes how the idea of the “perfect lawn” has evolved over time. He also goes into detail describing the effect that it has had on American culture, its environmental impact, and the lengths that lawn care companies such as Scotts go to keep people buying their products throughout the entire year.

This book is not only very informative, but is also a very fun read. I recommend this book to anyone who is fascinated in lawns, history, the environment, or American consumer culture.

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