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Nov 7 2007

A bite of the Peach State

by Heather O

Peach It’s not crazy to say that one of the things that Georgia is known for is the food. We are the “Peach State” but we also grow peanuts, pecans and poultry in abundance. We are the home of Waffle House and Coca-Cola. We have restaurants associated with Gladys Knight, Emeril, and Ashton Kutcher.

Georgia also boasts serious coverage on the Food Network; ubiquitous Savannah chef Paula Deen shows viewers the tasty evil of Southern food. Alton Brown wears many hats in the food world: from Iron Chef America Commentator, riding a motorbike around America discovering hidden culinary gems, or on his classic science meets pop culture show “Good Eats”.

Still publishing cookbooks, Nathalie Dupree visited many television viewers spreading the gospel of Southern cooking when the only food networks were public broadcasting. In Decatur, Watershed chef Scott Peacock published The Gift of Southern Cooking with his mentor the late Edna Lewis, one of the early masters of Southern cuisine.

Other Georgia Cookbooks found in your library:

Atlcooks_3 DeenGift_2 Agnes Alton Dupree 

Agnes & Muriel’s Cafe Cookbook– Easy comfort food from the midtown Atlanta restaurant.

Atlanta Cooks – Recipes from the chefs, bakers, and pastry chefs from restaurants such as Bacchanalia, Food 101, Canoe, and the Sweet Auburn Bread Company.

Atlanta Cooks at Home – More recipes from local chefs of Rathbun’s, Shaun’s, Sala, Woodfire Grill, and Joel.

“I’m Just Here for the Food: Food + Heath = Cooking” – Alton Brown’s book where he is one part Mr. Wizard and one part Emeril, making cooking and science fun!

Nathalie Dupree’s Southern Memories: Recipes and Reminiscences – Some recipes, some culture, and a lot of Southern style.

Paula Deen: It Ain’t All About the Cookin’ – Only the most recent book by the prolific Paula Deen, also look for “Lady and Sons” cookbooks.

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