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Dec 18 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why Reference Books Are Terrific

by Ken M

10. They are portable. Take them absolutely anywhere – in the library that is.

9. They don’t need power from outlets or batteries. That’s one great thing about all books!

8. They can perform advanced searching too – or help you do it. Many have multiple indexes and tables of contents, and they even tell you how to use them.

7. Teachers love them.

6. Librarians love them. We’ve been using (and recommending them) for years.

5. They are trustworthy. Editorial staffs spend tons of time fact-checking and verifying.

4. They can be very general, or very specific in nature. You can read the entry in World Book on the Lewis and Clark expedition, or you can browse a whole encyclopedia about it.

3. No waiting in line. Actually, they’re waiting for you, right on the shelf.

2. We foot the bill. Some reference sources are very, very expensive. Trust us – you wouldn’t want to pay for your own copy.

1. When the internet (or the printer) isn’t working, they are!

Book Lover December 18, 2007 at 11:38 AM

Reference Books Rock!!!!!!

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