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Jan 10 2008

Keep Your Resolutions!

by Jimmy L

Did you resolve to stop biting your fingernails this year? Or to quit smoking? Or to exercise more? Sometimes it’s hard to keep our resolutions for long. If you need a little helpful advice this year, check out the library’s copy of This year I will– : how to finally change a habit, keep a resolution, or make a dream come true by M.J. Ryan. Here is the publisher’s description of the book:

“Learn the secret to making changes that stick. Every so often people
get inspired (again!) to lose weight, get organized, start saving, or
stop worrying–but a few months later they give up, frustrated. It
doesn’t have to be that way. Author Ryan offers wisdom and coaching to
help readers make this time the time that change becomes permanent.
People think there is one way to lose weight, and another way to stay
on top of their e-mail. Rather than one-system-fits-all, each person
has their own formula for making changes that stick–but most people
don’t know what theirs is. This book helps you lock on to your unique
formula for planning, implementing, and seeing a life change through,
so you can use it again and again to tackle anything else you’d like to

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