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Jan 15 2008

Science Experiments You Can Try (for a Grade or for Fun)!

by Chris S

For many students at DeKalb County Schools, it’s science fair season. Fortunately, your neighborhood DeKalb County Public Library branch has some resources for you. There are three places to look:

Reference Books – Ask the Librarian!

These are the books we keep at the library so everyone has a chance to read them. Please leave your test tubes and microscopes at home!

Science Experiments on File
(older editions here and here)

IndexaspxHistorical Science Experiments on File – Perform for yourself science experiments that made history.

Books to Check Out – You’ll Need a Library Card

The call number for science project books is 507 (or J 507 in the juvenile section). Here are some standouts:

Anything by Robert Gardner – we have 75 books on many different types of science projects.

Janice VanCleave also has a great many options for science projects.

Online – Using Your Library Card at Home

The Library subscribes to the Student Resource Center, which is available on our Databases Page.

You can use this inside the library, or from home. Either way, once you’re in the Student Resource Center, type in “science experiments” in the search box to bring up all the many options we have.

Have fun, but try not to blow anything up!!Images

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