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Jan 20 2008


by Laura the Librarian


“Now what was that book so-and-so told me about?”

“What was that book I meant to read?”

“Have I read this already?”

Does this sound familiar to you?  It does to me. Over the years (and especially since I became a librarian), I have made several attempts to track my reading adventures with little to no success.  I have started book “journals” in both pen and pencil; created spreadsheets; set up databases; and even created my own old-school mini card catalog (OK, so I only actually created three cards before I got frustrated and abandoned the project). The point is that I have never been able to track my reading in an effective manner, nor in a way that enabled me to share my reads with anyone else.

Enter Goodreads.com

With their stated goal of making “reading fun again”, Goodreads.com is a great way to not only track what you have read, are reading, and want to read; but a way to share it with friends too. Organize your books by virtual shelves you create; rate and review your books; join reading groups; and comment too. At a loss for what to read? Check out a friend’s list and find inspiration.

Lots of fun to navigate, a great way to remember what you’ve read, and for librarians (or anyone) a great readers’ advisory tool.


Logo from Goodreads.com website

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