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Jan 25 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog

by Amanda L

What is a blog?

I didn’t really know what a blog was
until we began creating one for DCPL. Our director talked about what a blog is
in our first blog entry.  Since first hearing about
blogs, I have been doing some exploring and experimenting with them. There are
several sites that allow you to create your own blog for free. Some of the most
popular sites are bloggerwordpress, and livejournal.  I
currently write two blogs for my own personal enjoyment. One is a way to share
my life with my distant family and friends. The second is documenting my family
stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. You can add
pictures and videos to share with your audience. This allows many family members
to feel like they are participating in your life in a more dynamic way. If you
are interested in learning how to blog, the library has several books. Here is
a sampling: Blogging for Dummies, The Corporate Blogging Book, and We blog: publishing online with weblogs.

I have started finding blogs out there to keep up with the library
profession and other types of blogs to help me perform my current job better. I
found many of my first blogs by word of mouth and then most bloggers will list
their favorite blogs on their sites. Recently, I have been using an online tool
called bloglines.com to keep up with the numerous blogs I am interested in. This
site allows you to catch new blog entries without typing the address of each
blog. The site also allows you to search for other blogs using keywords.  So if
you are interested in blogs concerning Atlanta you can search for either entries about Atlanta or blogs with a direct focus on Atlanta..
Some of my favorite library related blogs are Librarycrunch, David Lee King, and Tame The Web.  Other blogs that I
check out frequently are Coaching Tip: The Leadership blog, The Practice of Leadership, and Metroblogging Atlanta.

Are you blogging? What are some of your favorite blogs (beside DCPLive of

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