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Mar 3 2008

How to Find a Book Discussion Group

by Nolan R

We are frequently asked for information on local book discussion groups or book clubs.  Many DCPL branches offer library-sponsored book discussion groups, but if yours doesn’t, here are a few suggestions.  First, let your branch know that you’d be interested in a book discussion group!  Branch librarians are always interested in knowing what patrons would like to see happen in the library, and without your input it’s much more of a guessing game.  If you prefer to look elsewhere for a group, or prefer a group that has discussions exclusively online, check these links:

DCPL’s Book Discussion Groups

Book Club Meetups from Meetup.com

Borders Book Stores
Many Borders stores have local book groups that meet there.  They used to post this info online but I couldn’t find any current info on a group that I know for a fact meets in Dunwoody, so perhaps calling the store nearest you would be the best way to find out what groups meet in that location.

Online Book Discussions

Barnes & Noble

Book Clique Cafe

Book Spot



Yahoo Groups
Yahoo Groups is a place to search for all kinds of groups; some are completely online and some meet in person as well.  Try searching for keywords like books and your city or neighborhood.  For  example, books and Dunwoody.  For many Yahoo Groups, you have to join (and be approved by the moderator of the group) before you can view messages or participate in the discussions.

Remember to use your own judgment when joining any group or club, particularly one you find online.  Don’t give out personal info until you feel comfortable doing so, and use caution if a group meets at someone’s home.  Take a friend with you or let someone know where you’re going.  Most groups you find online are perfectly safe, but it never hurts to be aware of what you’re getting into!

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