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Mar 8 2008

Long live Pinky Tuscadero!


Lie Bury Ann would be my derby name; and, the number proudly listed below on my jersey would be 796.21, which as your probably guessed is the call number for books on roller skating, roller derby and other wheeled sports.  I would also have the signature move – the shusher.  However, I lack the nerve and gumption to actually play, which is compounded by the fact that I have a hard time walking in 1/2 inch heels and haven’t roller skated in over 20 years.  I do love watching roller derby though!

Wftda_logo_smLucky for me, I live in a city that has a rockin’ league of women’s flat track derby.  This Saturday, March 8, is the start of the 2008 season!  This year the bouts will be at the Yaarab Shrine Center on Ponce De Leon and will feature double headers, the bizarre bazaar and hopefully better seating.  I am excited to see the rematch between last year’s top teams, the Denim Demons and Toxic Shocks; the second bout is between the Apocalypstix and a team from Asheville, NC.

Check out the Atlanta Roller Girl’s website for a crash course on how the game is played.  It’s a pretty simple game, but the fast pace, speed and agility of the players is truly impressive.

If you’re interested in the seeing the mad skills of derby girls, supporting a local indie sport league or just want to check out what excites a not so typical librarian, come on out on Saturday.  Ready to roll?

–Heather S., a.k.a. “Lie Bury Ann”

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rhughes March 10, 2008 at 3:31 PM

We were there–cheering for the Denim Demons, and especially for derby girl Thunder Enlightenin’ (her skater number is OM). They were ahead for most of the game, but the Shocks ended up with the win.

Nolan March 12, 2008 at 9:11 AM

I thought librarians were quiet folks who just went around shushing people all the time…not attending roller derby! 🙂

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