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Mar 31 2008

Spring Gardening–It’s Not Too Late!

by Nolan R

Gardening1 Remember a few months ago, when you decided to get the yard back in shape this year?  Plant some flowers, maybe a few vegetables, get rid of that poison ivy, build a patio?  Well, if you haven’t already gotten started, it’s not too late!  I can’t help you get rid of the poison ivy (from everything I’ve read, it’s pretty impossible) but I can get you started on the rest of it.

First of all, go back and check out our earlier post on garden planning.  For more information, check out the books I’ve listed below, or come into the Library for one of our upcoming Gardening Series of programs.

All new square foot gardening: grow more in less space! by Mel Bartholomew:  An update of a classic on vegetable gardening.

The all-in-one garden: grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers in the same space by Graham Rice:  This book shows you how to plant ornamental and edible plants within the same garden space.  The author is a British Master Gardener, so while the info is pretty universal, keep in mind that it may list some plants or varieties that don’t commonly grow in Georgia.

Companion planting by Susan McClure and Sally Roth: One of several books in our catalog on the subject of companion planting.  Includes ideas and suggestions for plants that grow better when planted together, as well as those combinations that just don’t work so well.

Designing the new kitchen garden: an American potager handbook by Jennifer R. Bartley: This book explains the history of the classic kitchen garden, or potager (so called because it provides the ingredients for potage, a soup or broth with vegetables) and gives plans and advice for creating your own.

Vegetables Perennial vegetables : from artichoke to zuiki taro, a gardener’s guide to over 100 delicious, easy-to-grow edibles by Eric Toensmeier.

Rodale’s vegetable garden problem solver : the best and latest advice for beating pests, diseases, and weeds and staying a step ahead of trouble in the garden by Fern Marshall Bradley.

The truth about garden remedies: what works, what doesn’t & why by Jeff Gillman:  The author checks out many commercial, homemade, and traditional garden fixes and lets you know what works and what doesn’t.  Gillman has recently published another book about organic gardening along the same theme; it’s not currently in the DCPL catalog, but check later to see if it’s been added.

Your backyard herb garden : a gardener’s guide to growing over 50 herbs plus how to use them in cooking, crafts, companion planting, and more by Miranda Smith.

Gardening Series: How Green is Your Thumb? Join Lynwood Blackmon of the DeKalb Extension Service to learn the basics of environmentally friendly gardening.

Composting – Monday, April 28, 6:30 PM, Flat Shoals Library
Lawncare – Saturday, May 3, 11:30 AM, Redan-Trotti Library
Water Conservation – Monday, May 12, 6:30 PM Gresham Library
Xeriscaping – Saturday, May 17, 11:30 AM, Scott Candler Library


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