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Apr 16 2008

Better World Books

by Laura H

An interesting phenomena is the growing number of websites that tie social good with making money.  One such site is BetterWorldBooks.com which sells new and used books to profit and promote literacy programs such as Room to Read, Books for Africa , Worldfund, and National Center for Family Literacy.  What a “novel” idea.

The multi-tiered library also gives public libraries a chance to profit-share in the sale of their older weeded or donated books.  On top of that, the folks who started this business saw an opportunity to plan smart for minimal negative environmental effect.  Here’s what they say on their website: “we got in touch with a very smart engineer from Carnegie Mellon who has studied the environmental impacts of that other e-commerce bookstore. We asked him, how can we do it better? That led to the invention of an e-commerce first: the Carbon Neutral Shopping Cart. No more global warming emissions weighing down our operations! Working with Carbonfund.org, the leading non-profit provider of carbon offsets, we collect a few cents from every customer at checkout. The proceeds from this carbon offset are enough to purchase renewable energy credits and support reforestation. We not only offset our shipping, but also the shipping of our literacy partners. And since we sell a lot of books, that is enough to keep tons of carbon out of the atmosphere.”

If you go to their about page, you’ll see that these are real people operating out of Middle American to make a difference.  Go to the bottom of that page to learn more about their “Triple Bottom Line” and to buy or sell books to help literacy causes in an environmentally conscious way.

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