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Apr 29 2008

Computer Tutorials for the Visual Learner

by Chris S

If you’re like me, you don’t really learn much when reading instruction manuals or browsing through the “help” sections of computer programs. I’m one who does best when I can see how to do something, and I know I’m not alone in this. A big part of what we do in the library nowadays involves teaching people how to use computers, and unfortunately we don’t always have the time needed to really dig in and show people how word processors and other programs work. We have books on specific computer programs, and we offer classes in many of our branches on a regular basis on how to get started with computers, Internet, and word processing. But sometimes what we need is a quick visual tutorial to point people to, and that’s where web sites like In Pictures come in handy.

This website uses screenshots and basic, short text instructions to walk you through things like writing a letter in Microsoft Word 2007 (or 2003) or beginning OpenOffice.org Calc (a free spreadsheet program with many of the same functions as Microsoft Excel). Here’s a screenshot of the beginning Word tutorial:


Here’s their web address: http://inpics.net/

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