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May 14 2008

Read It Again

by Ginny C

“Read it again! Read it again!” How many times have you heard that after reading Horton Hears a Who to your pre-schooler for the third time in one night? Do you have Brown Bear, Brown Bear memorized from repeated readings to a toddler who begs to hear it again and again?

Don’t despair. It’s perfectly natural for children to request favorite books over and over. Even if you’re tired of reading them, your child may not be. With each reading, he or she is learning something new, from associating the pictures with the words to how a story is structured. They also learn the joy of being able to “predict” what is going to happen.  Following the text with your finger as you read will help reinforce this.
You may want to ask your child what happens next. Can they tell you what the
purple cat sees in Brown Bear, Brown Bear? Chances are, after a couple
of readings, they know the purple cat sees a white dog.  And how smart
they feel for knowing that!  After hearing the same story several times,
they may even have memorized enough to be able to “read” it to you. As they get older and more familiar with the alphabet, they’ll start to recognize specific letters and words. They will learn that c-a-t spells cat which corresponds with the picture.

These are just a few reasons to encourage repeated readings. Follow this link for a more detailed explanation of the benefits of reading it again, put together by The University of Texas at Austin. The next time your child demands that you “read it again,” you’ll be happy to pick up Goodnight Moon.  For the tenth time. In one day.

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Alison W. May 14, 2008 at 10:50 AM

Even though I am a librarian and have learned all about the benefits of reading to young children, I am now *experiencing* this first hand with my 16 month old twins, and it is wonderful. We have a Skippyjon Jones board book about opposites and now every time I say “up”, no matter what context, my son throws his arms up in the air and smiles big. We have another board book favorite that just has lots of animal pictures, when my daughter sees the picture of the spider she starts moving her fingers to do “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”.

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