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Jun 3 2008

Visit Your Library This Summer – No, I Mean It!

by Chris S

Normally on this blog we try to highlight a particular library service or program, or maybe a web site, an online game, or a favorite book, movie, or music CD. Of course, we DCPLive bloggers hope that this is a helpful thing for you, and we’re going to keep bringing you what we consider to be fresh and interesting content. But today I want to talk about DeKalb County Public Library as a whole and reasons why you need to get to your nearest branch this summer!

Great Resources

Dekalb County Public Library has a huge collection of books, videos, DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks on nearly any subject you can think of. And as a library cardholder you can borrow any of them – for FREE. It’s amazing when you think about it that we can ever get to the point where we take these privileges for granted.

Great Programming

We have children’s, teens’, and adult programming throughout the summer. Be sure to involve your kids in our summer vacation reading program. If you’re a teenager who loves to read, don’t miss out on Metamorphosis, and we even have an adult summer reading program this summer too. In any case, be sure to check out our events calendar, which is online and in print inside your nearest library (also here and here). The library is a worthwhile place to spend your free time and it’s free!

A Place to Grow

The library can be a place to get your entertainment for your road trips or just a weeknight at home. Or it can be where you stop to get the books you want to lay around and read on your day off. Or it can be where you find books on subjects you never knew you were interested in. Whoever you are, whatever your needs, make sure you use your library this summer. DeKalb County Public Library: a place to grow! 🙂

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