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Jun 5 2008

Nineteen Years since Tiananmen

by Jimmy L

Yesterday marks the nineteenth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China.  If you don’t know much about this tragic historical event, the library has many books about it:

Tianenmen Square = Tʻien-an men Canadian journalists Simmie and Nixon report the
events that took place and the emotions of the crowd, setting the
protests of 1989 into an historical and political context. With 16
pages of photos.

Tell the world: what happened in China and why China’s greatest investigative reporter offers a powerful account of
his country’s recent political turbulence, with an assessment of the
era of Deng Xiaoping, his real legacy, and the crisis China faces.

Behind the Tiananmen Massacre: social, political, and economic ferment in China describes the origins of the protest movement, focusing on basic
contradictions inherent in China’s economic policies and social and
political traditions. Includes a chronology, translations of eyewitness
and official reports, and brief profiles of 50 key individuals.

China since Tiananmen: the politics of transition This book offers a comprehensive assessment of the evolution of China since the Tiananmen Incident

Escape from China : the long journey from Tiananmen to freedom a memoir by one of the prominent student protesters, Zhang Boli, where he recalls the cultural and political atmosphere at Beijing University
during the spring of 1989; the circle of ebullient Chinese
intellectuals passionate about social reforms; the hunger strikes; the
negotiations; the bloody terror of the crackdown; and his two-year-long attempt to evade the Chinese authorities afterwards.  8 pages of b&w photos.

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