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Jun 25 2008


by Ginny C

Darkside Jonathan Starling has stumbled into Darkside.  Darkside is a hidden part of London, governed by the descendants of Jack the Ripper, where thieves and murderers reign.  While his father lies ill in an asylum, Jonathan searches Darkside for Carnegie, the only man who can help him.  Carnegie, though, is a wereman: half man, half werewolf.  Determined to elude kidnappers who want to sell him to the evil Grimshaw as a sideshow act, Jonathan must put his trust in Carnegie.  Grimshaw is only one of the dangers in Darkside and only one of the people out to get Jonathan.  The evil vampire Vendetta has his own reasons for wanting Jonathan dead.  With few people he can trust, Jonathan must escape Darkside and save his father before it’s too late.

Darkside, the first novel by Tom Becker, is spooky, shivery fun.  Perfect for middle schoolers who like the Artemis Fowl series and the Fablehaven series.  Even better, this is the first in the series, so fans can look forward to more adventures with Jonathan and his new friends.

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