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Jul 24 2008

RSS: What is it?

by Jimmy L

As you’ve probably noticed, the library’s website has been completely revamped (and along with it, the look and feel of this here blog!). So for the next few Thursdays, I’ll highlight a new feature of the website that you may not have explored yet.

You may have heard the term RSS bandied around, but what exactly is it? The term stands for Real Simple Syndication and it’s a great way to keep updated on changes to a website. I found this great video on the web that explains what RSS is in very simple terms:

There are lots of RSS feeds out there. And the library’s website has many as well. For instance, this very blog has an RSS feed. If you scroll a little down the page on the right hand side, you will see the RSS icon. If you click on it to subscribe (or use your favorite feed reader), then every time we write a new blog post on DCPLive, it will show up in your feed reader!

The library also has many RSS feeds to help you keep up with our collection. These feeds will update on a regular schedule to reflect what new books we have acquired. You can keep track of different genres (for instance New Mystery Books or New Historical Fiction) so that you can only get updates on what you’re interested in. There is also a feed called Great Reads, No Waiting which consists of adult fiction titles that requires no waiting. You can find a complete list of the library’s RSS feeds here.

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