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Aug 25 2008

Don’t Stress Over It!

by Nolan R

What stresses you out at work?  Deadlines?  Angry people?  Public speaking?  Being stuck in a cubicle?  Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your current job situation and see what other options might be available.

A new book, 150 Best Low-Stress Jobs, might just be your ticket to stress-free living.  Using information gathered from the U. S. Census and the Department of Labor, the book analyzes common stress-inducing factors involved with many jobs.

The book lists jobs with the least likelihood of encountering certain stressful situations, including conflict situations, angry or physically aggressive people, consequence of error, public speaking, exposure to high places, and pressure to compromise moral values.   If you decide right now isn’t the best time to change careers, the book also offers tips on dealing with stress in your current workplace.  If you need more information on careers and job hunting, check with your librarian for more recommended titles.

Oh, and where does librarian rank on the list?  Number twenty-nine overall, right between Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers and Computer Programmers.

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