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Oct 1 2008

Banned Children’s Books

by Ginny C

The previous posts this week have talked about Banned Books Week and mentioned some of the books that are among the most frequently banned or challenged.  (For the difference between a banned book and a challenged book, see here.)  ALA has several good lists of challenged books, both for this year and going back to 1990.

Did you look at any of those lists?  If you did, what did you notice?  If you’re like me, you noticed that a lot of them are children’s books.  Authors like Judy BlumeBarbara Park, J.K. Rowling, and Shel Silverstein all have books on these lists.

Books on these lists can also be good discussion starters with your child.  If you or your child has read any of the challenged or banned books, talk about why someone might have wanted it removed from the library.  Discuss the character’s actions and what you hope your child would do in a similar situation.  (Please remember that not all of the books on the list are appropriate for all children or for all ages.  Preview the books first to decide if it’s something you want your child to read.)

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