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Nov 3 2008

Are You Wii Bowling?

by Amanda L

Did you know that DCPL has joined other libraries in offering gaming programs? You might have noticed over the summer that there were some gaming programs specifically geared towards teens. The Library recently purchased a couple of Wiis for programing through a Healthy Living grant  given by the Humana Foundation.

The older adults in DeKalb County were the first to be offered a program using these Wiis. The program was called “Are Wii Bowling yet?” It was an opportunity for older adults to check out the Wii and have an opportunity to bowl. Fifteen seniors took us up on that opportunity. The two hour program was filled with laughter, frustration and yells of success by everyone in the room. Many of the seniors are looking forward to the next session of Wii bowling. There was talk in the room about having tournaments between branches. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Continue to check out our Healthy Living Programs under our calendar of events for more Wii programs in the future. Unfortunately, the pictures I took at the event did not turn out very well. Here is a video fromYou Tube that shows a Senior Tournament of Wii Bowling.

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Elizabeth M.-B. November 5, 2008 at 4:05 PM

I love the idea, and I think that we should incorporate it for all adult ages. The games are great for stress reduction, for physical exercises, not to mention that are lots of fun and it gives patrons opportunity to make new friends from our community.

Amanda L November 6, 2008 at 2:21 PM

We plan to have some family programs using the Wii in the future. We are still working out the details. Please keep an eye on our event calendar for future Wii programs for all ages.

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