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Dec 4 2008

Twilight: the movie

by Ginny C

We’ve talked about Breaking Dawn before it was released and after we’d had a chance to read it. So now let’s talk about the theatrical release of Twilight.

I will admit to thoroughly enjoying it. The acting, however, was sometimes excruciatingly bad and Carlyle’s make-up was awful. Those minor quibbles aside, I thought it was pretty good. It stayed true to the book, which I think some fans were worried about. And, Robert Pattinson made the perfect Edward in my opinion, although I know some people will disagree with that.

Now it’s your turn. Have you seen it? Did you see the midnight show on November 20 (like I did) or wait for a more reasonable time to see it? Did it meet your expectations? Did you catch author Stephenie Meyer’s cameo?

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