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Jan 8 2009

Judging a Place by its Cover

by Jimmy L

Can you recognize these legendary album covers?  If so, what about where these photos were actually taken?  Word magazine has created a Google Maps mashup called Album Atlas that makes it really easy to find out, so that you can be the most knowledgeable guy or gal at the music store (at least concerning this topic).  You can click anywhere on the map with a blue flag and it will show you an album cover taken at that location.  Alternately, you may click on an album title from the full list, and it will show you the location on the map.  Continue reading this post if you want the answers to the above questions…

  • The Beatle’s Abbey Road was taken on Abbey Road in London (that was a freebie)
  • Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was taken in Chicago, and shows two residential towers at the Marina City Complex
  • The Clash’s London Calling was taken at the Palladium on E 14th Street in New York City (I always assumed it was London, myself!)
  • The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan was taken on Jones Street, Manhattan

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