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Feb 16 2009

Hey, the Library is dark! Where is the staff?

by Amanda L

If you have driven to your local branch and noticed it closed up tight today, that’s because we are closed for the Presidents Day holiday.  Instead of sitting at home reading and drinking coffee or whatever else we do on our days away from work, we are working to serve you better.

Today is our annual Staff Development Day. Every year for the past fifteen years, the entire staff from the guys that transfer the books from branch to branch to the Library Director attend this annual event. It is a day for us to learn new things and to fellowship with each other. The day is created by staff from the selection of the theme for the day, to finding instructors for the classes, to what we eat for that day.

Two people are “tapped” on the shoulder to oversee the day.  I was tapped several years ago and it was a great experience to manage a big project.  The food provided by the Friends of the Library and the Board of Trustees is always enjoyed by the staff. There is always a branch competition where we can show off our creative side. (If you did not already know it, the library staff is competitive!) The day is filled with eight hours of learning but there are always entertainment breaks throughout the day. The entertainment breaks are where we share our creative side and laugh together. Who would have known that an employee at Flat Shoals could compete on American Idol!

This year’s theme is Building Bridges: Creating Supportive Networks. The Keynote speaker is Dr. Shirley Garrett.  She is speaking about connecting with ourselves and others. Some of the breakout sessions that we are attending include those addressing special needs, programming for adults, new technologies, professional cleaning, and workplace boundaries.

Don’t forget that while we are busy spending the day learning ways to better serve you, our eLibrary is always open! There is a wealth of information on our eLibrary through the Reference Database page. We look forward to seeing everyone with our new found knowledge on Tuesday.

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