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Mar 17 2009

Pinocchio reader?

by Heather S

1984Last week as I was clicking through news articles online, I came across an interesting one on Reuters.  The article presents a study done by World Book Day, which found that “two out of three Britons have lied about reading books that they haven’t.”

According to the study, the most frequently mentioned titles people have said they have read  (but really have not) are 1984 by George Orwell, War and peace by Leo Tolstoy and Ulysses by James Joyce.

I will admit that I am one of those that have lied about reading certain books.  How else do you think I survived my high school literature classes?  As a sophomore in high school, I had no desire to read 1984 and Portrait of an artist as a young man.  Thankfully, I was smart enough to use Masterplots to pass the test.  If only I had J’Nai’s recommendation, I would have perhaps done better on my essays.  And, please do not judge me harshly or follow my lead;  I have reformed and can now honestly admit what I have and have not read!

Are you an honest reader?  Any books that you say you’ve read, but haven’t?

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