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May 20 2009

Living The Dream Of Life

by Jnai W

“We all have a voice. We have the responsibility to exercise it, to use it.”

This is a quote from (one of my new favorite musicians/artists) Patti Smith. I was watching the excellent documentary Patti Smith: Dream of Life and was inspired to blog about it a little bit. In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I’m not an aficionado of punk rock music so I’m no expert on this seminal artist; a woman commonly regarded as the “godmother of punk rock”. But one of the most striking things about her is that she is living a life of creativity, full of love, family, friends and art. Just watching this film, beautifully and lovingly directed by Steven Sebring, has made me not only want to dig up my copy of Horses but has provided me with the heartening aforementioned quote, something I hope to always carry with me.
Check out the Library’s catalog for resources and amazing music by Patti Smith and other great artists.

Here are some things that I’m checking out right now:

Patti Smith: Dream Of Life I love documentaries about famous or extraordinary people so I can’t say enough about this film (Seriously, Readers, it’s in the Library–check it out!). I enjoyed the performance clips but the moments that really endeared Smith to me were her quieter, slice of life moments including visiting and dining with her sweet parents, doting on her two kids (who are musicians in their own right) and her solitary reflections on her art and the artists who inspire her. Look out for appearances by fellow musicians Michael Stipe, actor Sam Shepard and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Horses After watching Dream of Life I was keen on finding my old copy of Horses, her 1975 masterpiece.  Until then I’ll just be replaying her blistering rendition of “Gloria” over and over in my head. Or I’ll be borrowing it from the Library if all else fails. Other favorite tracks of mine are “Free Money” and “Break It Up”.

Click here for more Patti Smith items.

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