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Jun 3 2009

It’s a Wonderful Writing Life

by Jnai W

Summer is in full swing and many of us are planning fun and creative ways to enjoy the season. Whether one is embarking on the vacation of a lifetime, plotting a relaxing, economical “staycation” (check out Amanda‘s blog post for great ideas on the subject) or planning to Be Creative @ the Library with the little ones (DCPL plug: check!) summer is the perfect time to allow one’s imagination to run wild.

My creative outlet of choice is writing (big surprise!) and I’ve just picked up a wonderful little book on the subject called The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. It’s a slender read–111 pages that go by in a flash–full of passages on the thrills and challenges of following one’s muse. The Writing Life touches various aspects of the writer’s task such as finding inspiration, the physical work of writing and even what it feels like when an idea goes awry or doesn’t develop in the way that one hopes.  This is a book about writing but I think it can apply to any endeavor of one’s creativity or passion. So follow your hearts, be creative and, if you’ve got some time, pick up this enjoyable, bestselling book at the Library.

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