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Jun 8 2009

Father’s Day Factoids

by Vivian A


Although George Washington was Father of Our Country, he died in 1799 long before Father’s Day was invented.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1908 in a church in Fairmont, West Virginia. On the other side of the U.S., Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington thought of the idea in 1909 while listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day. She honored her father in 1910 and solicited the idea of an official Father’s Day.

The idea of Father’s Day was initially met with a laugh. After years of jokes and satire, Father’s Day became officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson.

Despite promoting tools and electronics, gifts for Father’s Day sales were eleven billion in 2008 which was about seven billion less than gift sales for Mother’s Day. White and red roses are the official flowers of Father’s Day. White is in honor of a father who is deceased while red is in gratitude of one who is still living. According to Hallmark cards, 102 million cards will be sent, making Father’s Day the fifth largest card sending occasion.

In 2009, Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 21. It’s no joke, honor your Dad. According to the Census Bureau there are 66.3 million of them in the United States.

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