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Jul 15 2009

Harry Potter Revisited

by Jnai W

The original plan was to blog about a perky little book that I’m reading called Against Happiness (it’s actually more life-affirming than it sounds) but the new Harry Potter movie opens today so I’m putting all grown-up high-seriousness aside to revisit J.K Rowling’s captivating tale of a boy wizard with an incredible destiny. If you’re trying to get re-acquainted with the characters and the saga to defeat the evil He Who Must Not Be Named then you should really stop by DCPL for your Harry Potter refresher materials.

Below are a few additional titles that may be of further interest to Potter fans:

A Charmed Life: The Spirituality of Potterworld: I’ve been tempted to read this book because it looks incredibly fascinating but I stopped short when I noticed the chapter called “The Mirror of Erised” and realized that I’d kind of forgotten what that was (it’s been a loooong time since I’ve read these books). But if you’re a true Potter scholar then this may be a great read for you.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The World Of  Harry Potter: Too pressed for time to bone up on the series? Here are some great options for you: 1) Just rent the DVDs, I guess. They’ll give you a taste of what all the fuss has been about. 2) You are never too busy for Pottermania! 3) Never mind option #2 and check out The Complete Idiot’s Guide from DCPL. This could be a decent stopgap while you’re waiting in the request queue for the Harry Potter novels to become available.

The Tales of Beedle The Bard: I kind of glossed over the bits about Beedle The Bard during the last book because  I was so anxious to see the showdown between Harry and Lord Blankedy-Blank. But apparently Hermione Granger and Professor Dumbledore (with the help of Ms. Rowling) have compiled Beedle The Bard’s classic wizarding fables into a lovely volume for us Muggles.

Have fun, Potter fans!

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Fran W. July 21, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Although it doesn’t really fall under the “refresher” category, I read “Harry, A History” recently, and it was wonderful. It was written by one of the editors of MuggleNet, a Potter fansite, and it covers the creation of Harry from a fan perspective. I wouldn’t recommend it for the casual fan, but if you’ve got Harry and the Potters on your iPod, this book is a must read.

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