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Jul 27 2009

Take your houseplant for a walk!

by Amanda L


Seriously, today is “Take Your Houseplant for a Walk” day. I found this out browsing a wonderful reference source called Chase’s Calendar of Events.” Back in the day, it was used frequently when people wanted to know about upcoming holidays. Now with the advent of the web, it sits on the shelf more but comes to the rescue especially when I am looking for blog topics.  Chase’s also lists birthdays of famous people on each day so you might check it out to see who was born on your special day.

So you may ask yourself what is “Take Your Houseplant for a Walk” day really about? It is a day created to promote the awareness of how to care for houseplants. It also encourages people to take their houseplants outside so they can get to know their environment.

The library has many books about houseplants and their care. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer.


Houseplants from A to Z


Indoor Gardening the Organic Way: how to create a natural and sustaining environment for your houseplants.


The complete guide to houseplants: the easy way to choose and grow healthy, happy houseplants.

As you can see from the picture above, I have one of my houseplants ready for its walk.  This particular Christmas cactus actually lives outside during the summer so it hangs out in its environment for quite a while. So are you going to join me and my cactus for a walk?

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Karen July 27, 2009 at 8:36 PM

Your cactus looks much healthier than mine. How about walking it over to my house to talk to my depressed cactus?

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