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Aug 12 2009

The Art of The Book Trailer

by Jnai W

I’d only been browsing the Internet in search of news, blog ideas and the latest Web sensation when I stumbled upon a book trailer for The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom. Not only am I really interested in reading this book now but I’m also intrigued by the idea of the book trailer.

While this strikes me as novel (and strikes my bookish brother, who’s reading this over my shoulder, as slightly blasphemous), book trailers have been growing in popularity for a few years now.  There are some great websites such as bookscreening.com and cosproductions.com that feature teaser trailers for books of most genres.  There is even information online about creating your own book trailers. Whether you’re trying to whet the appetite of a finicky teenage reader or browsing the Web for your own next great read, book trailers just seem like an innovative and creative way to spread the word about good books.

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Nolan R. August 13, 2009 at 4:34 PM

I’m not sure how I feel about book trailers…I watched this one at the reference desk (therefore with the sound off) and it was certainly creepy! But one of the things I love most about books is the chance to visualize the people and places in them based only on the author’s description and your own imagination. You know, like when you read a book and then see the movie and no one is like you imagined them? Hmm…I might be with your brother on this one, Jnai!

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