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Aug 14 2009

What’s a good time for you?

by Lesley B

Ever try to set a date for an activity involving more than two people? Well, a friend recently introduced me to a handy little web thingie called Doodle.  She was organizing a book club and trying to set a date for our first meeting. All club members got an email with a link to a calendar. Everyone entered the dates they were available, making it easy to see the best day for the meeting. No more ‘reply all’!

You can also use Doodle to help a group make a choice. Here’s a sample poll for a book club:picture-31

Schedule events and help you make a choice, that’s all Doodle does. Simple is good, especially if your book club is very ambitious. Sigh. No one liked my haiku suggestion.

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Lynne C August 14, 2009 at 2:12 PM

This is SO cool! My family is going to love it.

Nolan R. August 17, 2009 at 1:42 PM

I am in love with Doodle already. I’ve been trying to organize a get-together with some friends for two weeks with no progress. I just sent out the Doodle poll and got two responses for time/day choices within two minutes. It’s so easy to use and the people you poll don’t have to create an account, so it’s fast, too!

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