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Dec 21 2009

CDs and DVDs and Audiobooks-Oh my!

by Vivian A

If you dread hearing “How much longer?” or “Counting cows is boring!” check out your local library for things to check out for your Christmas roadtrips. DCPL has tons of interesting, entertaining and educational DVDs, audiobooks and CDs to engage you and your children on the way to grandmother’s house or wherever you’re headed this holiday season.

Try out any or all of the Harry Potter books read by the vastly talented Jim Dale. Or get a life and listen to someone’s biography or autobiography. Watch a holiday classic like It’s A Wonderful Life or Home Alone.

All it takes is a scan of your library card and you can entertain yourself and your passengers for miles. Who knows you might be so engrossed in your story that you won’t want to stop for anything but gas. If not you can always go back to counting state license plates.

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w foster January 12, 2010 at 4:23 AM

Dekalb Co. Public Library,

I wholeheartedly attest and attentively agree; one of the best Dead-Of-Winter options, whenever one is forced to stay-at-home during the fitfully freezing Winter Cold, is to try and take advantage of some of excellent DVDs the Dekalb County Public Library obediently and open-handedly offers.

However, one possibly perplexing, though prospectively pertinant question in the above attandant discussion, regarding the existing DVD collection, involves a rather related and tacitly tangential issue or qualified question–that is, if I may ask one–when will the Library offer Blu-Ray titles within its existing A/V collections?

This quite natural question is, I feel, especially of considerble interest to many prospective patrons since it has been overtly observed one of the more profoundly prevalent electronic gifts of this current season has been the veritable multitude of Blu-Ray players, as-well-as an amazing array of other up-to-date HD equipment with which one can best take advantage and properly view these Blu-Ray high-defination titles.

Thus, my not so coincidentally convenient comment, though–in truth–respectfully, if rather reluctant comment/question seems eminently logical, if not something of an obvious follow-up query, though given without any apparent accusatory aspects affianced or intended, but I engagingly and evidently expect is repletely representitive of a very valid view which probably closely reflects the will, wishes, and wants of many like-minded Dekalb County Library patrons.

My quiet query is–I at least hope–a question which might be asked by many other prospective public patrons within the Library system? I believe that such a policy (including Blu-Ray titles), if enacted, would assuage and acquire some considerable support and resulting patronage increases, and it would obviously be an endeavour which would quickly gain and garner genuninely wide acclaim and acceptance.

Such a provisionally proposed program would invariably illuminate and illustrate that the Library system is quickly seeking to speedily serve and overtly and obediently orient itself to the changing technologies and needs of the community at-large, and I futher suggest that if such a selective purchase decision were indeed made, then I would invariably imagine that these new additions, to the current Audio/Visual collections, would, with astounding alacrity achieve the aspiring goal of furthering the enjoyment and increasing appreciation of the Library’s many patrons, and it would attentively accomplish this aspect simply by more completely serving the Library’s patrons complex changing and emerging needs.

While I willfully warrant, acknowledge, and admit that with the current considerble constraints placed upon the Library’s budgetary considerations are, admittedly, consiciously considerable, it is indeed understandable that one may acknowledge an authoratively argument, within the context that with what we find under the ruberic of existing budgets, it is indeed possible to purchase numerically more titles of standard DVDs than total number of Blu-Ray titles, this indisputably inflexible argument intellectually ignores the profound profusion of Blu-Ray players and the subsequent strong desire amongst the patrons to take advantage of the upgraded capabilities inherent and inscribed in the prevailing equipment, all of which makes the alternative austerity argument absolutely less appealing and authorative.

People, your patrons, have profusively purchased the prerequesite paraphernalia and play-back technology to truely take advantage of the upgraded Blu-Ray option, and it surely solicitiously seems that, if the Library, would best wish to somehow serve the community’s essentially emerging evolving needs, then the concommitiant consideration to strategically invest in the apparent new standard (Blu-Ray) involving select Audio/Visual titles must be made soon.

If I may continue with this troubling tendentious train of thought, investing clearly constrained resources in a playback technology that is losing market share with every passing day, is surely somewhat…shortsighted? Thus, surely, by far the best way to better endow your Library is to look at the proposed shift toward Blu-Ray titles as a means to more adequately responsibly reputably reflect the technological turn-over and market-place realities.

Surely, such a strategic shift is one that requires those responsible to invest in Blu-Ray titles as a purely proper response to conscientiously conserving the limited cash resources made available to the county’s Library system.

Therefore, this thoughtful and strategic realignment, to prospectively pursue a profoundly more substantive Blu-Ray purchase policy, is actually one which is much more financially sound–in the long-term–and it is one which anyone would find to be factually and fully far more fiduciarily responsible and faithful to the financial, non-financial goals, and requirements of the Mission Statement.

If I may quote from the Library’s Mission Statement:

“…providing responsive dynamic services that meet the changing information needs of a diverse population…ready access to both print and electronnic resources…committed to superior service that promotes…and enhances the quality of life.”

So, I am strongly suggesting, if not stridently stating, that the requesite “responsive” reply to the profusion of Blu-Ray players and HD equipment is to strategically, and salubriously, if not selectively offer several Blu-Ray titles for the Library’s patrons. This progressive process would also providentially satisfy the requirement “to supply dynamic service” which meets “the changing information needs of the diverse population.”

The Mision Statement requirement that the Library offer ready access to “electronic resouces” also judiciosuly justifies the joted stated strategic inclusion of “Blu-Ray” titles within your collections.

Finally, it is commonly stated and absolutely assumed by psychologists that the very essence and essential reason for the creation of High-Defination is that people profoundly prefer to see images delivered in prospectively higher resolutions, and it seems that the Blu-Ray media option optimally offers just those attractive viewing aspects, enhanced higher resolution images, which readily and respectfully results in the viewers gaining a greater enjoyment, and as a result they are thusly fufilled and even embued, via the emersive Blu-Ray environment, with an enhanced quality of life…This is the final line of the Mission Statement, and it is seemingly somewhat the stated ultimate purpose of the Library

As a result of the intent and wording employed by the Library involving how it perceives its intended Mission, I studiously stress and solicitiously submit that the prospective purchase and provision of Blu-Ray titles for the education, edification, and enjoyment of the Library’s patrons, which we find fully and faithfully follows and solicitiously subscribes to the pronounced provisions provided by the Mission Statement for the Dekalb County Public Library.

Jimmy L January 12, 2010 at 6:46 PM

Dear w foster,

Thanks for the novel ;). The Library has considered purchasing Blu-Ray titles in the past. Unfortunately, we decided against them for various reasons, including budgetary ones. We will continue to re-evaluate our decision in the future, and we’ll keep your comment in mind when we do that. Thanks!

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