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Feb 10 2010

Who Else Has Heard Of This?: Spaaze.com

by Jnai W

It’s T-minus 10 hours before this blog post is due to appear on the Library’s website and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m panicking a little bit. My muse had been M.I.A until just now as I’m hammering out this idea.

This post was originally gonna be about New Year’s Resolutions (i.e “So how are you guys doing with your resolutions? I’m doing horribly! Go to the Library. Done.”). But that idea got boring so I decided to maybe post about not having anything good to wear in my closet and to perhaps recommend one of the Library’s style books (namely How To Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi). That idea didn’t really go anywhere either but I did remember one of my favorite ideas from the Mizrahi book.  Mizrahi suggests that before buying a whole new wardrobe, one good thing to do is to get some inspiration.

Inspiration is a good thing…and that brings us closer to the point of this blog post.  Mizrahi’s idea is to create an inspiration board–a large corkboard upon which to post photos and images of things that inspire you and can perhaps inspire your  personal style. I’ve written a list of the people/images that would fill my corkboard should I ever get around to creating one: dandelions, Ugly Betty, Eric Carle illustrations and libraries.  Then I started thinking of how great it would be if I could create a virtual corkboard filled with video clips and images that I like.

From there I did a Google search and found this video about an online corkboard of sorts called Spaaze.com. Now I’m sure, considering how tech savvy DCPL patrons are, this may not be news to many people. But in case it is, take a look at this clip:

I find this pretty fascinating and I look forward to tooling around with it. It’s also nice to know how to pronounce its name (for the past few hours I couldn’t decide if it was pronounced spas or spazz).

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