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Apr 5 2010

Are you wooly from all the stress?

by Patricia D

If you are then I suggest you get yourself off to a baseball game.  Not the Braves, at least not the Atlanta Braves–nothing against the Braves, it’s just that I still haven’t gotten over the 1992 season.  No, what you need if you’re stressed is minor league ball.  Luther Williams field in Macon will always hold the place in my heart as the perfect baseball park.   It’s the place where I learned it is possible to buy boiled peanuts with one’s beer.  It’s also where I saw a lot of the guys now in the majors when they were still wet behind the ears.   Minor league ball is where you’ll find young families out for a nice evening as well as the serious guy who’s scoring the game.  Perhaps the best part, for me, is that moment when the sun has dropped, the sky is that gorgeous shade of blue-black  and then suddenly the smell of the dew hitting the grass is all around.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a nice June evening than by measuring it out in strikes and hits.  Georgia is rife with minor league teams, but if you can’t get to a game try out these titles.

The Southern League: Baseball in Dixie by Bill O’Neal

Not-So-Minor Leagues by Douglas and Kathleen Gay

Small Town Heroes: Images of Minor League Baseball by Hank Davis

Stolen Season by David Lamb

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ev April 7, 2010 at 5:33 PM

I too love going out to the stadium. The smells, sounds, and tases bring with them a great happyness. Watching a sport is so much more than scores or statistics. The emotions evoked are rich and perfectly etch a moment into memory. Beautiful!

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