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Apr 28 2010

Are You an Open Book?

by Jimmy L

Have you ever said “I’m an open book”?  Well, for some, it isn’t just a saying.  A few people in Denmark have started a movement known as The Human Library.  Basically, these are organized events where people get to “check out” some books.  The only catch is that the books in this case are actually people.  These books/people converse and answer questions about their lives in an attempt to foster understanding and get beyond stereotypes.  I think the following video was made in the UK (thus the British accents), but it gives a good explanation:

What do you think of this idea?  The DeKalb County Public Library is not organizing a Human Library, but we thought the idea was kind of neat.  However, if you are interested in telling your story, we are organizing a series of StoryCorps style interviews called DeKalb Recorded History – Share Your Story (click for more details).  Please note that this program is geared towards seniors.

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Kia April 28, 2010 at 1:26 PM

This is such an interesting and exciting concept. I saw on the website that AFPL hosted a Human Library back in February (wish I could have attended), hopefully one will come back to the local area soon…or maybe DCPL will host one!! Great Post.

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