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May 21 2010

Tweet, Tweet Tweet

by Amanda L

I  have been using Twitter for a year and a half now. If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is a social networking and micro blogging service.  It enables you to send a 140 character post.

Although you can send posts out into the world,  you may also “follow” people and hear what they have to say. The Twitter world has evolved where you can add hash tags (#) with words to enable others to search grouped comments.

Recently I was interested in the Dove Awards and was disappointed that I would not be able to see who won since it was not carried live nor did I get the cable station it was shown on later.  I was able to find out who won from following many of the artists.  As the awards were being announced, both the winners and those artists attending sent tweets into the world.  Following the variety of tweets, I almost felt like I was there. I was also able to know who won before it was announced in a variety of media. (How cool is that?)

Twitter has become the go to news source for many people. I know that I can find out what is going on locally by either searching by hash tags or keywords if I have heard of an event or incident. The Library of Congress has also noticed this phenomenon. Since they have the capability to archive digital files they are in the process of archiving all of the tweets that have ever been posted. An article about this was recently written in the American Prospect.

Want to learn more about Twitter? Listed below are a few books we have on Twitter. As with any technology, if you’re interested go play with it. Of course if you want to find out what is happening at your local library follow us on Twitter.

Twitter for Dummies

Twitter Marketing for Dummies

The Twitter job search guide: find a job and advance your career in just 15 minutes a day

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