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Sep 8 2010

Catching some zzzz’s..or maybe not

by Dea Anne M

Do you get enough sleep? Far from being a luxury for those without busy schedules (nobody I know) or something to catch up on during the weekend, sleep is a daily necessity and, according to the CDC a “vital sign” of good health. Experts now say that 7 hours a night is optimum for adults and I know that this is what I aim for yet don’t always achieve.  Well, I’ve yet to fall asleep at work so Morpheus and I must be on pretty good terms. In  the meantime, DCPL has resources for both the sleep deprived and the sleep curious alike.

If you need help learning how to get to sleep, check out:

Insomnia: 50 Essential things to do by Theresa Foy DiGeronimo with Frank Di Maria.  Or…

The Harvard Medical School guide to a good night’s sleep by Lawrence J. Epstein with Steven Mardon.

Are you a mystery or memoir fan? Try one of these before bed (unless you think they might keep you awake!).

The family that couldn’t sleep: a medical mystery by T. D. Max.  Or…

Insomniac by Gayle Greene.

Finally, you can always stay up and watch a movie! How about…

The Science of Sleep

This one features Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gael Garcia Bernal and it’s a favorite of mine.

Of course, I can’t leave out this one.

Sleepless In Seattle

What do you do to fall asleep? A warm bath or a crossword puzzle often work for me.

Sweet dreams!

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Anonymous September 9, 2010 at 12:19 PM

A good solid, uninterrupted night of sleep! I can’t remember the last time … Falling asleep is not my problem, but staying asleep is. I’ll try the Harvard book to see if I can find some new strategies. Until then, I’ll just look on the bright side – at 4am, the house is quiet and I can catch up on my reading, writing, movie watching, etc.

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