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Nov 12 2010

Family Stories Month

by Amanda L

November is known as Family Stories month. What a great month to gather all of the family stories that have been handed down from generation to generation. We all get together for Thanksgiving and other events over the next few weeks and months.  I know for me, family events or meals always meant that the elders talked about the good ole days. How would I ever have heard the story about my grandfather being taken for a stroller ride by Geronimo? (Now whether that was true or not, I’m not sure but it makes for a good story.) I do regret not gathering all of the stories I heard as a child, and unfortunately everyone from the previous generation is gone. We do have many old pictures and movies dating back from the early 1900’s which has helped my generation jog our memories about some of the stories.

Do you have some old pictures, movies or stories of your family that you would like to hand off to the next generation. There are many ways to preserve the family social history. You can create books, blogs, websites or scrapbooks that could be passed on.  Not sure where to start? The Library has a few books that might help you.

Writing the Family Narrative by Lawrence P. Gouldrup

For all time: a complete guide to writing your family history by Charley Kempthrone

Producing a quality family history by Patrica Law Hatcher

If you have a interesting family story and would like to share, we would love to hear about it.

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