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Dec 13 2010

Wood: the versatility of it

by Amanda L

I have always loved trees and wood. I guess that’s why I started my college career as a Forestry major. A beautiful tree growing can be used for so many things: a pencil, building material, paper, fire and furniture to name a few.

When the weather turns cold, I always appreciate the dead trees that are found in the forest. They can be reused to make furniture or a fire. I have seen where men can go in, take a dead tree cut it up for firewood or make a pepper mill with the right equipment. A friend of mine has been using trees, downed by tornadoes several years ago, to make beautiful bowls and pepper mills.

It is amazing, to me, how a tree can be turned into a  beautiful piece of hand-made furniture.  I have been lucky enough to be married to a wonderful furniture maker and my home is his showcase. How did he get started besides having shop in high school? He borrowed many books from the Library to learn tricks of the trade.

The Library has a great collection of books on woodworking. Here is a sample of what is available:

Woodwork: a step-by-step photographic guide to successful woodworking

Popular Woodworking’s arts & crafts furniture projects

Furniture for all around the house by Niall Barrett

Did you not have shop in high school? The Library has a collection of books on a variety of woodworking tools. Here is a sample:

Popular Mechanics: joiner and planer fundamentals

Success with Tablesaws by Michael Burton

Woodworking 101 for women: how to speak the language, buy the tools, & fabulous furniture from start to finish by Mary MacEwan

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Ardene December 13, 2010 at 3:17 PM

I met a contractor at a holiday art show this weekend who makes furniture out of scraps from his jobs. There were oak and pine coffee tables I liked a lot.

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