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Jan 3 2011

Knock Knock

by Veronica W

The Three Stooges.  I couldn’t believe he was laughing uproariously at grown men bopping each other over the head. All I could do was shake my head and walk away. It was the same reaction he had to my very vocal enjoyment of Andy Rooney and The New Yorker magazine’s cartoons. Even when we agreed on a good comedy to watch, we laughed at totally different parts.

To state the already overstated obvious, people are different; their taste in clothes, food, literature, friends…and hee hees is often unlike anyone else’s. Remember when, as a child, you discovered knock knock jokes? “Knock knock.”/ ” Who’s there?” /”Boo.”/ “Boo who?” /”Why are you crying?” You almost fell on the floor laughing, while the adults in your life smiled painfully. How many of your friends and family give that same smile when you attempt to tell a joke or recount something you (and only you) think is hilarious?

Laughter is suppose to be a great stress reliever and in these anxious times, we need to indulge in it whenever we can. The library has an enormous collection of humorous books and movies to suit every taste; definitely too many to name. Here is a sampling but please browse in  the 808s, 814s, 818s and the extensive audio/visual collection if you want more of a selection or these don’t strike your funny bone – wherever that may be anatomically.  In addition, there’s a lot of really funny fiction out there, juvenile and adult.


MOVIES ( Well, they made me laugh!)

What makes you laugh?  Is it dry wit, subtle humor or slapstick? Perhaps you secretly enjoy knock knock jokes. When is the last time you laughed until it hurt? (Ok, me first. It was when Candid Camera was popular. I loved the show.) In the New Year, let’s resolve to find amusement wherever we can. If it’s been a while, let’s see if  my friend below at least makes you chuckle.

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