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Feb 4 2011

Young adult literature not just for teens anymore

by Amanda L

Have you read a young adult (YA) novel recently? Have you heard about Mockingjay or Twilight? While these are the most recognized titles, there are so many more well written and fun story lines. The Library’s Teen page offers a look at a variety of books for teens and adults looking for a good read. There are even readalike lists for those who have read Mockingjay or Twilight.

So you say you haven’t read a YA novel and never would? Your favorite author may be writing his or her next book at as a YA novel. One of the fastest growing markets in the publishing world is the market for young adults. There are genres that match all of the adult offerings and adult authors are taking notice.

Below are a few popular adult authors who have already begun writing books for teens.  So the next time you put a hold on a John Grisham or James Patterson, do not be surprised if it is a YA book that you just ordered. (To limit the list to young adult titles, use the drop down menu to limit the list and select “Young Adult materials” or “Juvenile materials”. This is located on the right-hand side of the screen). Need additional help finding great reads? Ask a staff member.

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