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Mar 9 2011

The Passing of Cupcakes

by Veronica W

I know all about fashion trends: bell bottom pants, mini skirts, kitten heels, shoulder pads, skinny jeans, big pocketbooks, ankle bracelets, french manicures and black nail polish—the list goes on. What I didn’t know is that some foods fade in and out as well. Imagine my amazement (actually more like amusement) when I  read recently that cupcakes were popular in 2010 but 2011 will be the year for pies. After reading that, of course, the (re)search was on!

According to “knowledgeable sources,”  there will be a number of new culinary trends in the new year.  For those folk who would prefer to be caught naked and starving rather than wearing  or eating last year’s anything,  here are some of the “Top Ten Foods to Watch in 2011.”

  • Sweet and savory small pies (remember, they’re the new cupcake)
  • Nutmeg  (reportedly has aphrodisiac qualities)
  • Moonshine (has gone legit- you can break out your still)                 
  • Gourmet Ice Pops (bacon, peanut butter, mango chile—Yummy.  Not)
  • Grits (The South is finally vindicated!)
  • Sweet Potatoes (will become the new, better-for-you french fry)
  • Fin fish (head, tails, eyes)
  • Cupuacu fruit ( the next “super” fruit)
  • Beans (no news there)

This same source says moving out of your food comfort zone (eating things you wouldn’t touch before), canning or “putting up” otherwise perishable foods (fighting with those pesky mason jar lids) and rediscovering the butcher, the baker and the cheese maker, will be popular as well.

Although the library does not have a lot of materials on trends (perhaps because by definition they are so short- lived), if you want to explore this subject for yourself, feel free to visit “the source.”   Also check out Silence Dogood’s report on  2011 food trends  in the Poor Richard’s Almanac, if you want a good laugh.

Every Tuesday evening, at nine o’clock, Cupcake Wars is aired on the Food Network.  Every Tuesday evening, at nine o’clock , I am sitting in place to watch it.  This puzzles me because actually, I like pies better than cupcakes. They’re juicer. I feel pretty good about my preference  however, because if “the sources” are right, finally I will be considered trendy.

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jackie giddens March 9, 2011 at 2:18 PM

Yum. I can’t wait for that Moonshine to come back!!

Lynne March 9, 2011 at 5:38 PM

I love pies. Big pies, little pies. All yum. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of them this year!

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