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Mar 28 2011

Roses are red…

by Greg H

I always had a guilty secret during my years as a college English major:  I was never a big fan of poetry. I always felt that too many poems were top-heavy with personal imagery and minute, intimate details that must have meant everything to the poet; I, however, was frequently thwarted.  I also believe, however, that there is a poem out there for everyone.  I myself have stumbled onto poems whose meaning simply opened up for me and then I felt as though I’d just been given a small treasure. But how do we find our treasure of a poem if we don’t regularly read poetry? Well, the month of April is National Poetry Month and a perfect time for us to read outside of our comfort zones.  The following titles, available through the DeKalb County Public Library, may help even the most infrequent poetry reader find his or her special poem.

Poems to Read: A New Favorite Poem Anthology, edited by Robert Pinsky.

An Invitation to Poetry: A New Favorite Poem Project Anthology, edited by Robert Pinsky

Good Poems/Selected and Introduced by Garrison Keillor

By the way, my favorite poem is Anthony Hecht’s The End of the Weekend. What’s yours?

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