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Jun 22 2011

Georgia In The Summertime

by Joseph M

This past weekend I had the pleasure of camping out in northwest Georgia, and it was a splendid trip. The weather was a nice mix of shady clouds, refreshing rain, and bright sunshine to dry us off. One of my favorite things to do in the wilderness is nature-watching, and on this weekend I enjoyed watching fireflies, dragonflies, birds, fish, frogs, a praying mantis, and a variety of other strange bugs which I was mostly unable to identify. I even had a frog hop close enough for me to scoop him up and hold him in my palm for a moment before putting him down again (and washing my hands!).

Summer is a time that many of us set aside to take vacations, and if you are planning on taking a trip to a place where you can experience the grandeur of Georgia’s natural resources, you might be interested in perusing one of these travel books; The Georgia Conservancy’s guide to the North Georgia Mountains could be helpful if you are planning a trip similar to mine, while A Guide to the Georgia coast might be a good fit if you will be visiting the seaside. You can also check out our Georgia State Park Passes for free entry into a wide variety of state parks and historical sites.

And in case you’re interesting in identifying some of those mystery bug species you may run across here in Georgia, whether it be in your garden or buzzing around on your tent flap, check out Hey, Bug Doctor!: The Scoop on Insects in Georgia’s Homes and Gardens.

Have fun!

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Hektor Karl June 23, 2011 at 11:28 AM

Great post and very timely. I was just looking for something like this! Thanks.

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