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Aug 8 2011

Six Word Library Memoirs

by Jesse M

A couple of years ago I posted about Six Word Stories, an extreme form of flash fiction reputedly invented by Ernest Hemingway. An offshoot of the six word story is the six word memoir, where the author relates a real-life tale rather than a fictional story; this variant was introduced by online magazine SMITH and examples can be viewed here. In today’s post I will discuss a further spin-off of that format, the six word library memoir. I was introduced to the concept after reading this article written by a professor at UMUC who teaches a course on library skills for undergraduate students. For extra credit at the end of his course, students are asked to compose a memoir that conveys in exactly six words a library or reading or research experience.   His students’ submissions range from appreciative to seemingly frustrated, and many are quite droll.  I’ve included some of the more inspired memoirs below:

  • Contented quiet hours among beautiful books.
  • What happened to the card catalog?
  • Must bend databases to my will.
  • Would pay for a researching robot.
  • Finally, I know how to cite!
  • Still love to read paper books!
  • Is the Kindle version available yet?
  • Never met a librarian I disliked.

Try your hand at composing your own library memoir! Here’s mine:

  • Came for books, stayed for career.

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Janet Florence August 8, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Here’s my six-word library memory:

Sneaking snacks in the library stacks.

Of course, this is from my college days. I would not do this now.

David August 10, 2011 at 11:33 AM

Here’s mine:

No, the Internet doesn’t replace libraries.

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