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Nov 28 2011

Giving Thanks for Football

by Greg H

I am a football fan but not a fanatic.  College or professional, most weeks during the season I’m content to find out the scores and watch the highlights on ESPN.  There’s only one occasion on which I feel like I must have football and that is Thanksgiving Day. “But why?”, the purists might ask. “What does football have to do with giving thanks?”  The short answer is if  Thanksgiving has a big enough tent to accommodate an enormous, inflated SpongeBob balloon, well then, there’s room for football too.

If you insist on a longer answer, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame‘s website, many high schools and colleges played football games on Thanksgiving Day, a tradition that has “faded into oblivion”.  I seem to remember hearing my mother talk of how there used to be a “Turkey Bowl” game played every Thanksgiving by some of the men in my home town.  The point is, I guess, there is precedent, however ancient.

The Detroit Lions have remained at the forefront of the Turkey Day football tradition.  The Lions have played on every Thanksgiving Day since 1934 with the exception of the war years of 1939 through 1944.  Considering the Lions’ mostly woeful performances since the 1950’s, it’s kind of nice to think that for one day a year, even if viewers are only too zonked out on tryptophan to change the channel, the eyes of America are on the Detroit Lions.

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