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Apr 13 2012

April 15 – Also an Infamous Date?

by Greg H

I’ve always  found it interesting that April 15, a menacing date to those of us who pay taxes (and, therefore, just another day to those “people”  who just happen to be corporations), is also the date of at least two other calamities of great significance.  President Abraham Lincoln died of his gunshot wound and the Titanic sank, both in the morning hours of April 15.  Both mortal events occurred, however,  on the evening of April 14 so perhaps the wrong date is getting the rap here.

Well, I checked the internet for other historical events that happened on April 14 and, while I found several disasters of a smaller magnitude, I could not find anything else so engaging that James Cameron would want to make a movie about it. In fact, the historical event that most intrigued me was that in 1191 Giacinto Bobo became Pope Coelestinus III.  I was first amazed that anyone known by the name Bobo who, as Pope, could then choose pretty much any other name for himself, would choose Coelestinus, which, face it, sounds like an intestinal bacteria. Then I realized that two other guys before him had made the exact  same choice!  Maybe in the 12th Century Coelestinus was as popular a boy’s name as Jacob and Ethan are today.  And I think Pope Bobo would have been kind of endearing.

Still,  let’s give April 14 some credit for its bad mojo.  The uncertainty and anxiety that one feels after waiting this long to file a tax return must reach its peak by late in the day of  April 14th.  Those poor souls on the Titanic certainly understood that sinking feeling. And they couldn’t file for an extension.

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Barbara K. April 17, 2012 at 3:13 PM

Greg ~ Your best blog EVER!! Thanks for introducing me to Pope Bobo. Maybe the Titanic sank late April 14/early April 15th just so you could have that wonderful line about the passengers having that sinking feeling. I felt their pain when I read that.

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