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Apr 27 2012

Oh BookMyne, How Do I Love Thee!

by Amanda L

I was fortunate enough to be one of the folks to test out this new mobile app (Android and Apple) for the Library. I have been using it for the last three months and have found it very valuable to me.  One of the biggest features I love about this app is that you are always logged into your account.  I can immediately see when I have an overdue item or when a request is available for pick-up by just tapping the app. Finally, I enjoy this app because I am constantly updating my reading lists on Goodreads. No longer do I need to log into my library account to request a book or open another browser application. I can easily go between my Goodreads app and my BookMyne app to find something new to read.

For New Users here are the steps to get started:

1.  You will need an Android or Apple device and select the app from their mobile store.

2. Once you download the application (from here if you have an Android and from here for Apple devices), you will need to open the BookMyne app on your device.

3. Either use the GPS or location service on your device or search for the Library to find the right location. For us, you need to look for DCPL-branch. For me, the GPS function did not work well so I used the search function. Make sure you search for DCPL-Stonecrest or whichever branch you prefer to be your “home” branch. (TIP- I just typed in DCPL and then the local branches came up. I then scrolled until I found the branch I wanted as my home library. It did take me a few tries to get the DCPL branches to show in the app.)

4. Tap the house to begin searching or to access your account for the first time. You will need to log into your account with your library card and pin number.

As you can see in the picture to the right,  there are several boxes that give a variety of information. The top box indicates which branch you have chosen as your “home” branch. The second box allows you to search the catalog, the third box indicates the account number and the final box gives suggested reading. (On my downloaded app, I do not have the My Bookshelf  box feature.) Let’s briefly go through the boxes and how you can use them.

1. The Library box can be changed to indicate a new “home” library  by just clicking on the arrow next to the current library’s name.

2. The catalog box allows you to search by title, author, barcode, keyword or subject. Once you locate a title, you can see which locations own the copy and place a request on the item.

3. The account box displays any notifications in red. These are either requests ready to be picked up or overdue items. If you look at the right-side of the above picture, you can see how this screen would look like. Using the My Account screen, you can check the personal information associated with your account, the titles of the items checked out, the hold requests that you have active and their status (when you click on holds) and, if you owe any monies, how much is owed.

Need to know the hours of your selected branch? All you need to do is click on the box to the right with the arrow pointing right. This will pull up information about your specific library such as hours and address. This is also where you can get map directions to your library using your applications map functions. Finally, you can log out from the application here and change your settings. The settings available to change are the frequency the application updates from your account and when you will be notified on the app when a book is due.

I hope if you have a mobile device and try the BookMyne app you will be as thrilled with it as I am. (As you can see it doesn’t take much for me to get excited.)

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T. Strong April 27, 2012 at 11:56 PM

Thanks A.L. for the post. Hopefully others are as happy with BookMyne as you are!

jpb April 29, 2012 at 3:09 PM

The first time I tried the app I was frustrated; it immediately wanted to “update,” which took a very long time and didn’t seem to be doing anything. So I canceled the update, but then it couldn’t find any DCPL locations, using either GPS or searching. So I uninstalled it.

The next time I tried, I put my device right next to my Wifi router and left it there for a while so it could do the update. Eventually it finished the update, and at that point it could find the Dekalb locations just fine.

Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else had had similar problems. The update takes a while, but evidently once it’s done the app should work fine.

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